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Feeling trapped by chronic pelvic pain?
Break free
in 2 weeks

SoLá Therapy is a new type of treatment that targets most pelvic pain starting at a cellular level. The average time to maximum pain reduction is 2 weeks.*

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SoLá Therapy Works

Physicians and patients talk about their experiences with SoLá Therapy.

This is life changing. Everything is better

Do you have chronic pelvic pain?

SoLá Therapy helps those with many different pelvic pain diagnoses and symptoms.

Endometriosis, Dyspareunia, Levator myalgia, Interstitial cystitis or bladder pain syndrom, Vulodynia, Pain with intercourse, Tight pelvic muscles, Pain with urination, Pain with sitting, Pain with standing, Pain with bowel movements

Why choose SoLá Therapy?

SoLá Therapy is a new type of treatment that targets the source of most pelvic pain, starting at the cellular level.

Zero pain. I always had sitting pain. That’s gone.

These testimonials were sent to us by SoLá Therapy patients and their physicians. We would like to thank them for sharing their stories with the millions of women who are also suffering with chronic pelvic pain.

Target the source to
stop the suffering

SoLá Therapy is a gentle, noninvasive treatment that uniquely targets the source of your pain.

*Calculated from analysis of de-identified, coded, real-world data captured at the time of every treatment on every patient. The average number of treatments to maximum reduction in overall pain is 4-5 treatments. Treatments are approximately 3 minutes performed at a minimum interval of every other day.