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Leading physicians
share their experience with SoLá Therapy

What is SoLá Therapy?

What is the SoLá Therapy experience like?

How long until I will see results?

What symptoms does SoLá Therapy help with?

What makes SoLá Therapy different from other treatments?

What success have physicians seen from SoLá Therapy?

What else are physicians saying about SoLá Therapy?

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“[SoLá Therapy is] nothing short of the holy grail for the management of chronic pelvic pain.”

World Expert Cosmetic Gynecologist & International Lecturer
Founder of the ISCG, ISCG Media, & the Top Cosmetic Gynecologists

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"When I came across [SoLá Therapy], I knew you were onto something and I knew [it was] the missing puzzle piece that I needed to complete my treatment box in order to treat women with chronic pelvic pain.”

David Ghozland, MD
President of Los Angeles County Medical Association
Chairman of Women's Health at Southern California Hospital

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"I'll be honest with you, the results have been nothing short of amazing. I mean, if you identify the right patients, you're seeing 70 to 80% improvement in their pain symptoms."

Dr. Neeraj Kohli, MD, FPMRS, MBA
Former Chief Division of Urogynecology
Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospitals
Author of over 100 scientific publications